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About Invenius
    Discover. Know.

Digital evidence can tell a compelling story-but only if you know how to find it and can present it. After the investigation, once litigation arises, can your evidence tell a story that your judge and jury can understand?

Digital and computer forensic techniques can provide the basis for an expertly presented story in your case.

Invenius is owned by Paul Zimmerman, a recovering litigator in practice for 23 years. Paul litigated a wide-range of cases, many involving technological and data-related issues. He managed the electronic discovery practice of a medium-sized firm headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. Paul also co-chaired the firm's cyberliability and data breach practice, and has tried cases involving trade secrets, software, and other matters, before both judges and juries. Having been in the litigator's seat, Paul is well-versed in the evidentiary issues involving digital evidence, can address the issues in your case, and can help you use digital evidence to tell a compelling story. Who can find, prepare, and present the data in your case better than a former litigator?

Digital Evidence
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