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Every contact leaves a trace.
               -Dr. Edmond Locard

Preserve Digital Evidence

Capture digital evidence on phones, computers, and other devices.

Digital Forensic Analysis

Uncover the story the device can tell about your matter through digital and computer forensics.

Electronic Discovery Collections

Defensibly and efficiently collect relevant ESI.

Digital Evidence Presentation

Forensic experts present digital evidence  in the most informative manner to persuasively tell the story.

Digital forensics computer forensics phone forensics

Invenius. From "invenio." Discover. Know.

Your matter involves data. Smart phones. Computer devices. IoT devices. They all contain data. They can tell a story. Invenius is committed to not only finding that data, but to building and telling the story the data can tell.

But technical expertise alone will not be persuasive. You also need the ability to tell the story in a way it can be understood and in the best presentation in your matter. You need to know how the data affects the matter you are handling.

Because not knowing, and especially not knowing what you don't know, is not an acceptable strategy.

Civil Litigation Matters

What role did devices play in the underlying events? Does the digital evidence support the claims? Is digital evidence being preserved?

Internal Investigations

What does the data indicate happened? Are events truly what they seem? How are devices being used?

Expert Consulting

How can you leverage the data found on the device? Are there indications of other sources to explore?

Electronic Discovery

How do we preserve data relevant to the matter? How do we collect the data we need? How can we analyze the data we have collected?

Why Choose Invenius

I understand that to most people, digital forensics is like navigating a minefield while blindfolded and following instructions from someone who speaks a foreign language. I have been where you are, with 23 years as a litigation and trial attorney, interacting with countless expert witnesses. I understand that you need to work with someone who can not only learn what evidence the data holds, but can help your team understand its implications and tell its story. From the initial investigation to the presentation of your case, Invenius is committed to your project. Yes, Invenius has the tools and techniques needed for your investigation, but I also have the expertise and experience to help your team understand and present the findings.

  • M.S. Management Information Systems, UAB

  • GIAC Battlefield Forensics and Acquisition Certified (GBFA)

  • GIAC Advanced Smartphone Forensics Certified (GASF)

  • GIAC Advisory Board Member

  • Oxygen Forensic Detective Certified

  • J.D., University of Alabama School of Law

  • Frequent Presenter and Speaker

forensics expert
forensics expert
forensics expert
forensics expert

Areas We Serve Include

  • Birmingham

  • Tuscaloosa

  • Huntsville

  • Montgomery

  • All of North Alabama

  • Georgia

  • Mississippi

  • Contact us about other areas

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